System status lights

Applies to:

  • SoundLink® wireless music system

The status lights on the front panel of your SoundLink® system indicate the source selection and the battery status.

AUX source

  • Off: AUX source is not selected
  • On: AUX source is selected

Wireless source

  • Off: No wireless connection
  • On: Wireless source is connected
  • Fast flashing: Wireless source is connecting
  • Brief flash (every 3 seconds): Wireless source is selected, but disconnected at the computer

Note: The selected source light will flash each time a button on the remote is pressed.

Battery: level of battery power during manual check

  • Green: 70% or more
  • Yellow: 20% to 70%
  • Flashing red: 20% or less (charging needed)

Battery: while charging the battery

  • Yellow: Battery is charging
  • Off: Charging cycle is completed

SoundLink® system USB key

  • Off: USB key is not powered
  • Slow flashing: Powered and available for connecting to the SoundLink® system
  • Fast flashing: Establishing a connection
  • On: Connected to the SoundLink® system

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