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Understanding indicator light behavior

The indicator light on the front of the SoundDock Portable system gives information about the state of your system. The light is:

  • Off: when the battery is fully charged and the system is on or off, playing or inactive
  • Green: when you touch a button on the remote or on the SoundDock Portable system. The light blinks several times when the volume reaches maximum or minimum levels
  • Yellow: when the system battery is charging. If the light remains yellow after 10 hours of recharging, the battery needs to be replaced
  • Red (blinking): when the system battery needs charging. This requires plugging in the system

the light also indicates the level of battery power when you press and hold off on the remote:


  • Red: 20% or less full power
  • Yellow: from 20% to 70% full power
  • Green: above 70% full power

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