Using USB audio playback

Note: This ToneMatch mixer can only read .WAV and .MP3 files.

To play audio through the ToneMatch mixer via USB:

Connect the power supply and turn the mixer on

Rotate the ToneMatch selector to PREFS

Insert your USB thumb drive into the USB-A connection on the rear panel. You should see “USB Media Attached” on the display for 3 seconds. You will also see: “USB Media detached” when removing a USB thumb drive

Turn the Menu knob (left control knob below display) clockwise to highlight “USB A Playback” on the display and push the knob in to select the setting. Please note the menu will time out after 10 seconds of inactivity. Your files should now be viewable on the display screen

Turn the Select knob (center control knob below display) to highlight a track and push the knob in to initiate playback

To adjust the level of the track, turn the Level knob (right control knob under display) either clockwise or counterclockwise

Push the Select knob to pause

Push the Level knob to mute

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