Using an IR emitter

Your control console houses transmitters on its front panel that work with your Bose® system remote to control other audio/video devices connected to your system. If the control console does not have a direct line of sight to these devices, you will need to use the IR emitters included with your system.

To use the IR emitters, follow these steps:

Insert the IR emitter plug into the IR emitter jack located on the back of the control console connection panel

Locate the IR receiver window on the device(s) to be controlled. Each device (TV, VCR, cable or satellite box) has a small translucent window containing the IR receiver. Some projection TVs have the IR receiver behind the screen, and the entire screen is used as the IR receiver. The IR emitter needs to "see" each of these receiver windows. With the three-headed IR emitter, the IR signal comes from the flat side

To control multiple devices, choose a location that allows the flat side of the emitter to face these non-Bose devices. Secure the flat end of the emitter either directly on or near the devices by removing one side of the translucent double-sided tape and placing it on the emitter. If only one device is being controlled, secure the IR emitter directly to its IR receiver window

With the emitter securely in place, check remote control functionality

note: a maximum of five emitters (the original has three emitters and an additional two piggy-back single emitters) can be used with the system and a minimum of three must be used.

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