Using the remote to control source guides/menus

Applies to:

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Many cable boxes, satellite receivers and other sources have a menu or program guide. You can access this guide using the "Guide" button in the control frame. Using the navigation buttons, you can select items in the menu or guide.

navigation pad: provides up, down, left, right movement and select functions for navigating onscreen menus and program guides.

ok: selects the highlighted item in a guide or menu.

place your thumb anywhere on the click pad to activate the control frame, which provides onscreen controls for the source you are using.

Select the "Guide" or "Menu" button in the control frame. The selected function appears within the control frame.


Program guide example


Lift your thumb off the click pad (the control frame disappears) and use the navigation pad to move the highlight to the on-screen item you want.

press the ok button to select the item.