Using your remote to control a Blu-ray Disc™ player

To control your DVD or Blu-ray player, follow these steps:

On the remote, press TV power to turn on your TV

Press TV Input to select the correct input on your TV

Press BD-DVD power to turn on your DVD player

Press BD-DVD source to switch to DVD mode. The BD-DVD button will flash to verify that the remote is in the BD-DVD mode

Use the remote to control playback functions and navigate your DVD or Blu-ray menu

The followinig is a guide of remote control playback functions:

page up: press to skip to the next disc in a multi-disc player

page down: press to skip to a previous disc in a multi-disc player

stop: stops a playing disc or dvr program

pause: pauses a playing disc or dvr program

play: plays a dvd, blu-ray disc or dvr program

scan: reverses or forwards a dvd, blu-ray disc or dvr program

list: displays cbl-sat track number program information or a list of recorded dvr programs

channel: skips to the next or previous dvd chapter or cd track

skip back: press to start instant replay

record: press and hold to start recording

skip forward: press to skip forward through a dvd or dvr program

presets: use to input a chapter or track number

Note: The functionality of the source playback buttons may vary depending on the type and brand of your device. For more information, see the owner’s guide that came with your device.

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