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Find out how to access the different features of your speaker using the buttons on the included remote control:

Bose TV Speaker remote control
Power button
  • Press to power your speaker on or off
  • Press and hold (for about five seconds) to enable or disable auto-wake, which lets your speaker automatically power on when sound is received via the Optical or AUX In connections. When enabled, an up-tone is heard; when disabled, a down-tone is heard
Volume up and Volume down button

Press or hold + or to increase or decrease the volume level

Mute/Unmute button

Press to mute or unmute sound

TV button

Press to control your TV with the Power, Volume, or Mute buttons

Bluetooth button
  • Press to control a connected Bluetooth device with the Volume or Mute buttons
  • Press and hold (for about one second) to allow Bluetooth devices to connect to your speaker
  • Press and hold (for about 10 seconds) to clear the memory of previously connected Bluetooth devices. When cleared, a tone is heard
Adjust bass button
  • To adjust the amount of bass, press BASS, then use the + or buttons to increase or decrease the bass. When finished, press BASS again
  • To select the default bass setting, press and hold BASS until the speaker lights blink
Dialogue mode button
  • Press to enable Dialogue mode for the current source. When enabled, the source light on the speaker glows green
  • If your speaker is mounted to a wall, press and hold for five seconds to enable Wall EQ. When enabled, an up-tone is heard; when disabled, a down-tone is heard

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