No picture appears on TV

If you can't see video on your TV screen, try the following:

Be sure the TV is on and the proper TV input is selected, Check that the TV input is also turned on. Some TVs can turn off or hide inputs. For help changing TV inputs and turning TV inputs on or off, refer to the TV owners guide

Perform a control console reset by following these steps:

Turn off the control console, then press and hold the Power button for five seconds.

When the red LED will turns off, telease the Power button. Retest the system and see if your video has returned

Reseat the video cable at the source and at the back of the control console

If possible try another video cable. The video cable could be the source of the problem

check to see if the device is listed in the "source" list. on the remote, press source to view the list of devices that have been set up. if the device is not listed, see connecting an audio/video device

Connect the video output of the source directly to the TV. If the issue still exists, the problem may be with the connected source, the TV or the cable being used

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