Viewing digital photos

Applies to:

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Photo files in a .jpg or .jpeg format can be displayed from a USB flash drive.

Plug the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the front of the A/V control console. It will not appear in the SOURCE menu until it is plugged in.

press source on the remote and select usb. the usb interface is displayed.


USB interface

When selecting the USB source, folders appear at the top of the list on the left followed by single image files. Selecting a folder displays its contents.

Photo viewing controls

use the click pad remote and the playback controls on the control frame to access and view your photos.

remote control navigation pad

Remote control navigation pad
  • up arrow: up one menu item (press and hold to repeat)
  • down arrow: down one menu item (press and hold to repeat
  • left arrow: up one folder level, or exit and return to browsing folders (if viewing a slideshow)
  • right arrow: down one folder level
  • ok button: down one folder level (if a folder is highlighted); or play slideshow (if a photo file is highlighted)
  • channel up/down buttons: next / previous image during slideshow

control frame playback controls

Control frame playback controls
  • page up: up nine items
  • page down: down nine items
  • exit: exit slideshow and return to browsing folders
  • play: play slideshow of highlighted folder
  • pause: pause slideshow
  • stop: exit slideshow and return to browsing folders
  • quick skip: next image
  • replay: previous image