Adjusting World Volume

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World Volume controls the loudness of live voices, television, movies and other environmental sounds. You can adjust World Volume specifically to your liking in any setting or situation. When first powering on your headphones, World Volume is enabled so that sounds are amplified at a slightly higher level than if you were not using the headphones.

  • As you increase World Volume, quiet sounds in the environment are amplified more than loud sounds so that all sounds can be heard comfortably
  • As you decrease World Volume, sounds in the environment are reduced, enabling you to focus on your activity, for example, reading and using your mobile device

Adapting to new sounds

You may need to get used to new, higher-frequency sounds and your voice sounding different using Bose Hearphones™. In some cases, you may experience the perception that a loud environment is quiet and your voice is loud, which may cause you to lower your voice. Practice listening to new sounds on your own or with a trusted partner before you use your headphones for conversation.
Tip: If you want to use just one earbud while getting used to new sounds, you can mute the other earbud with the Bose Hear app.

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