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Noise cancellation turns off by itself

If the noise cancellation feature of your headphones unexpectedly stops working or cuts out while the headset is powered on, try the following:

Determine if any recent changes have been made to the headset or aircraft.

If any changes or modifications have been made to either the headset or the aircraft, look into whether or not those changes could have unexpectedly caused this issue.

Determine if movement of the control module and its cables causes the issue.

If moving the control module or the cables that connect to it causes the issue to occur, the Down Cable may need service. Follow the link for more information on how to service your product. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

Click here to start service

Check the position of the AUTO-OFF switch in the headset control module.

In the battery compartment on your headset control module, there is a switch to turn on or off the automatic power off feature of your headset. Check that this switch is set appropriately. For more info, see Setting operation switches in your headset control module.

If you have ever unplugged the microphone cable from the headset, disconnect it again and check for debris or damage at the connectors.

Make sure the connectors on the cable and at the headset are both free of debris (dirt, lint, dust, etc.) or damage, which could prevent a proper connection. For more info, see Attaching or moving the boom microphone on the headset.

If your powering your headset from a 5-pin XLR connection on the aircraft, disable the Auto-On feature of your headset.

If an aircraft is powering to your headset from a 5-pin XLR jack providing less that 12 volts, your headset might power on or off unexpectedly or product static. To resolve this:
  1. Open the battery door on your headset control module
  2. If installed, remove the batteries to access the headset option switches
  3. Set the Auto-On switch to the OFF position
  4. Install or re-insert the batteries so your headset can switch between aircraft and battery power as needed.
Note: When connected to an intercom, your headset still passes all communication while powered off—just without noise cancellation.

Re-insert the headset cable to the aircraft panel.

  1. Disconnect the down cable where it attaches to the panel
  2. Inspect the connections for damage or debris and remove any debris that is found. If there is damage to any the connections, they may need to be replaced
  3. Firmly reconnect the down cable to the panel
Note: Typically, a clicking or popping sound is heard when taking the plug in and out of the jack; this noise confirms the headset is receiving audio.
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