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Sold from 2001 - 2004

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Programming your remote

The universal remote control for your system can control other devices, like a cable box or Blu-ray player that is connected to your product. Learn how to program the universal remote to control a connected device.

To program your remote:

  1. On the remote control, press the Settings button
    Tip: If the system menu does not appear on your TV, be sure the correct TV input is selected
  2. Scroll down to select System Setup, then press the Enter button
  3. Scroll down to select More so additional options appear
  4. Scroll to Send IR Commands and select No
  5. Scroll to Receive IR Commands and select No
  6. Scroll to Remote Control Setup, then press the Enter button
  7. Scroll right to select the source used to change TV channels, then press the Enter button. (For example, if you have a cable box connected to TV on the system console, select TV)
  8. Scroll down to select TV Brand, then scroll left or right to select the TV brand.
  9. Scroll down to select TV Device Code, then scroll right to select the first code
  10. Test the remote:
    • If it controls your device, press the Enter button to finish
    • If it does not control your device or has limited functionality, repeat these steps with the next code for the brand.
Repeat steps 8 and 9 to program your remote for each device connected to your system, but select [source] Brand and [source] Code instead of TV Brand and TV Code. (For example, to control a DVD player connected to AUX on the system console, select AUX Brand and AUX Code in steps 8 and 9.)

Tip: Your system console controls other devices, not your remote. If you have difficultly controlling a device, connect an IR emitter. One emitter can be used with your system.
  1. Plug in the emitter to the IR jack on the system console
  2. Place the flat side of the IR emitter on or near the remote sensor of the device(s) to be controlled.
    Tip: The remote sensor on the device is often a small translucent plastic on the front of the device.

To use the TV sensor, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the TV sensor to the TV Sensor jack on the media center connection panel. The TV Sensor jack is the same type and near the IR Emitter, and Serial Data jacks. The TV Sensor jack is the one at the top
  2. Make sure the TV is on with the correct input selected
  3. Press the Settings button on the remote
  4. Press the down arrow until "TV Status" is selected
  5. On the right side of the screen, various information will be displayed. Look at "TV Power Status"
  6. Move the flat side of the TV sensor slowly around the back of the TV until the "TV Power Status" shows "On"
  7. Use the adhesive tape to attach the TV sensor to this location
  8. Press the down arrow until "System Setup" is selected, and press Enter
  9. Press the down arrow until "TV Power" is selected
  10. Press the left or right arrow until "Automatic" is selected
  11. Press the Exit button to exit the settings menu
Note: The TV sensor is not compatible with Plasma, LCD, or DLP televisions.
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