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Sold from 2007 - 2017

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Setting up your Bose product
Connecting other products
System settings
Remote control
Care and maintenance

Learn how to set up your product, connect components and enjoy the benefits of all its features.

Find out how to safely connect your product to a power source.

Speaker placement can affect how your system sounds in the listening area. Get tips on positioning your speakers for the best sound quality.

Computers have their own volume control. Learn how to set the volume level of a computer for use with your Bose system.

Determining the operating system running on your computer helps you understand compatibility with other products.

Computers let you select where you want sound play from, like a Bluetooth® speaker, headphones, internal computer speakers, or abother connected audio device. Find out how to select the audio output device you want to hear.

Learn how to a connect other audio sources to your system.

Your system has a demonstration mode, which is used for in-store displays. If your system is in Demo mode, find out how to exit it and resume normal use of your system.

Your remote control works on battery power. When the batteries weaken, the remote can stop working or work intermittently. Learn how to open the battery compartment to remove and insert new batteries.

Serial numbers contain important information about your product, including model number and DOM (Date of Manufacture). The serial number can be found on your product, product packaging or app (if applicable).

Find out how to safely connect your product to a power source.

If you need to use a power inverter with your product, note the following: