Assembling the Speaker Cube

Having trouble assembling the Speaker Cube? Here are some tips:

To attach two side panels together, use three clips

The clips can slide on or snap on. Use whichever method is easier for you

To snap a clip on, hook one side of the clip on the edge of the panel, and then press it into place

To slide a clip on, start at a corner. Hook the clip onto the panels and slide it into place

When you attach two panels together, make sure the corners are aligned and even. Try to avoid having one panel higher or lower than the other

When the Speaker Cube is complete, you should hear a repeated chime sound

If you can hear the chime, but the app is not responding, try moving your iPhone or iPad closer to the speaker. If you’re in a noisy room, or a dishwasher or air conditioner is running, try moving someplace quieter

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