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Intermittent audio from microphone

Make sure nothing is covering the outside screens on the earbuds. Both earbuds should be free of obstructions. There are several microphones located inside the earbuds, not the inline remote

Bring device to the front side of your body to eliminate body-block interference. The Bluetooth antenna is located on the right side of the neckband underneath the Bose logo. Having the Bluetooth device in a back pocket, bag or a backpack could cause loss of connection

Move to a less windy environment. The wind noise from this type of environment may enter the microphone capsule and render other audio unintelligible. Moving away from this area will alleviate the symptom and allow for clear audio reproduction

The Bluetooth headset should be within the recommended 30-foot proximity of your paired device. Undesired performance may occur if the distance between the Bluetooth headset and your device becomes too great. The Bluetooth disconnect tone will be heard when the Bluetooth range of the device is exceeded. The reconnect tone will be heard once the user is within range of the device

Power cycle or reboot the device. The device may have malfunctioned and might need to be reset. This action is strongly suggested if the software of the device was recently updated. This is typically done by turning it off and, if possible, removing the battery for 30 seconds. Reinstall the battery, if it was removable, and turn the phone back on

Try another phone call. Verify that the issue wasn't isolated to one call

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