Intermittent or poor Wi-Fi network connection

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Try these suggestions to resolve issues with poor wireless network connection.

  • Be sure the system is within range of the wireless router. Regardless of how close the device running the SoundTouch app is to the system, the SoundTouch system must be in range of the wireless router to receive the signal being transmitted via Wi-Fi. A successful connection will be indicated by a solid white Wi-Fi indicator on the front of the system. If the Wi-Fi indicator is not solid white, move the system closer to the router to increase the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and establish connectivity
  • Try moving the system within its current location to determine if it is in an area of poor reception. The signal from the router will be affected by the objects between it and the SoundTouch system. The amount of interference caused by these objects can create narrow or very localized areas of poor Wi-Fi reception. Moving the system to the left or right, rotating it to one side or the other, or moving the system a few feet to a new location can greatly improve reception
  • Determine if there are more than four SoundTouch systems on the same network. Typical home Wi-Fi networks should be able to support at least 4 wireless SoundTouch systems. However, this number may drop to 3 when Play Everywhere mode is enabled
  • Determine what other programs are running and close any dealing with network syncing, streaming or protection. If there are multiple programs running, try closing all media playing programs and any program or service that may be syncing data in the cloud. This will reduce the amount of resources in use by the device and possibly resolve any conflicts among applications
  • Check for sources of wireless interference that may be affecting the system. Try relocating your system at least a few feet away from electronic or electrical devices such as wireless internet routers, cordless phones, televisions, microwave ovens, Apple AirPort Express or similar appliances
  • Reboot your router. You may want to determine what services are using the router first, as to not disrupt anything important
  • Consider connecting your system using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (if supported by your system). While connecting your system via Wi-Fi is the preferred setup method, some setup configurations may connect more easily via Ethernet

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