No sound from speaker

If your speaker is not playing any sound, try the following to resolve your issue:

Make sure the volume of the system is turned up. Using the remote, increase the volume. You should see the LED flashing on the front of the speaker when the system is receiving a remote command

Make sure the cable connecting the speaker to the TV is securely pushed in on both ends

If you're trying to hear audio from a TV, make sure the TV's audio output is set correctly. In the TV menu, navigate to the audio/sound settings, and look for a TV Speakers or Audio Output setting. The TV speakers may need to be turned off and the output may need to be set to Fixed or External Speakers

Note: If there is no fixed output option available for your TV, you might need to turn up the volume of your TV to hear it through the Bose speaker — even if the TV speakers are turned off.

Try connecting your speaker directly to your audio device. For example, instead of connecting to the output of the TV, temporarily connect the speaker to the output of the cable or satelitte box. This can help determine if the speaker itself is working, and the issue is the output setting of the TV

Connect your speaker to a Bluetooth device. If you are able to get Bluetooth audio but not audio from your TV, the issue may be in your TV settings or the connection to the TV

If you're still having an issue with your speaker, please Contact Us.

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