Optimizing audio

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To optimize the audio from your sound source, follow these steps:

Start with the volume of your connected audio device at a low level, and then gradually increase the volume

Make sure the audio output of the device is balanced in the center for equal audio in both ears. This is not applicable on all devices. Please refer to the owner's manual for your audio device for more information on balance, equalization and tone controls if necessary

Set the EQ setting, bass boost and any audio enhancements to "off" or "flat" if applicable. Refer to the owner's guide for your device for balance, equalization and tone controls if necessary

After you turn off audio enhancements, turn the volume up gradually, and then add bass and treble only if needed

These headphones feature: TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, available only from Bose. This feature reproduces superior full-range sound without the need for any type of artificial electronic signal coloration. Leaving on EQs and audio enhancements such as bass boost may result in exaggerated highs and lows, and potential distortion at loud volumes.

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