Optimizing headphone performance

To ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your headphones, follow these suggestions:

Be sure your headphones fit properly. They are designed to make a snug seal around your ears without putting pressure on your head. To find the right fit, simply put your headphones on and slide the headband adjusters until both earcups completely surround your ears, with the cushions resting comfortably around, not on, your ears

Check the R (right) and L (left) markings on the earcups to ensure correct positioning

Be sure the headphone plug is fully inserted into a jack or adapter. You may only get a single channel of audio if the connection isn't complete

Many portable audio devices have a bass-boost switch to electronically alter audio signals sent to the headphone jack. Your headphones have patented technology that reproduces a full range of sound, so there's no need to use a bass-boost feature or other tone controls. For the best audio performance, disable bass boost on your portable audio device. Leaving bass boost on may result in exaggerated bass and potential distortion

To preserve battery life, be sure to turn off the power switch (located on the right earcup) when you have finished using your headphones

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