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Pairing a device with NFC

If your device supports Near Field Communication (NFC), you can easily pair it with the headphones.

be sure both nfc and bluetooth® are enabled on the device to be paired. for more information, see the owner's manual of your device

Turn on the headphones

Carefully place the device against the center of the right earcup for a brief moment

If the device prompts to accept pairing, choose to accept

once paired, “connected to [device name]” will sound through the headphones (if voice prompts are enabled) and the bluetooth indicator will glow white

Note: NFC is a short-range communication that requires devices be within a couple inches of one another to communicate. If pairing is unsuccessful, refer to the documentation of your device to find its NFC touchpoint. Once located, repeat the steps above ensuring the touchpoint is placed against the center of the right earcup during step 3.

If your device does not support NFC, see Pairing the headphones with your device.

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