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Poor sound quality from a connected device

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If you're not getting the sound you expect from your system, try these suggestions:

Position the speaker to project sound in the direction of the listening area. If positioned incorrectly, sound coverage can lack in certain listening areas. The speaker can be placed flat verically, tilted back / angled upward vertically or tilted back / angled upward horizontally. Additionally, the bottom of the speaker includes an adapter for mounting on a speaker stand that has a 35 mm pole.

If using Inputs 1 or 2, use the ToneMatch switch to optimize the sound for the connected audio source:

  • Set the switch to the right position when connecting a vocal microphone
  • Set the switch to the middle position when connecting a guitar
  • Set the switch to the left / OFF position when connecting another source

If the connected device has its own volume control, be sure it's not set too high or too low. If the volume output of the device is too loud, it might cause distortion. If the volume of the device is too low, it can also affect the sound

Turn off and choose "Flat" for any bass, treble or other EQ and sound processing settings on the connected device. Check for these settings both in the device's audio settings and also in the settings for the app that is being used, if applicable

Inputs 1 and 2 are mono

  • To connect a stereo device, use a stereo-to-mono adapter. Otherwise, audio from one of the two stereo channels will not be heard
  • If the device has pan controls, set them all the way to the "Left" setting

If the audio device has multiple outputs—like a multi-output mixer—try a different output

Try connecting the audio device with different cables

Reboot the speaker by disconnecting its power cord for 30 seconds

If available, connect the audio device to a different powered speaker to determine if the issue is with the device or speaker

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