Setting and playing presets

Presets let you quickly recall your favorite music service stations, playlists, artists, or albums. Once set, you can access your music at any time, with a simple touch of a button or by using the Bose Music app.

Setting presets

Using the speaker controls

Open the Bose Music app and play the content you want to store as a preset

On your speaker's remote, press and hold the desired preset number (1 - 6) until a tone is heard

Using the Bose Music app

Note: A music service that you ask the Amazon Alexa assistant to play cannot be set as a preset. Instead, open the Bose Music app, add the service — if available — to your Bose Music account, then follow the steps below.

In the Bose Music app, tap the My Bose icon in the upper-left corner

Select the product on which you want to store a preset

Store a preset by doing one of the following:

While the source you want to store as a preset is playing, touch and hold a preset number until the preset is set

Note: Presets are stored to the product so, if you have multiple products, each product can have unique presets.

Playing presets

Once you store a preset, you can recall it using either the numbers on your system's remote control or the Bose Music app.

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