Setting the product sharing mode

Sharing makes it easy for users on the same Wi-Fi network to control the same Bose products with their own Bose Music account. By sharing, users on the network can:

  • Listen to playlists and stations from music services linked to their own Bose Music account
  • Play, pause, and adjust volume (on the shared product or grouped products)
  • Adjust product settings
  • Remove the voice assistant and set up a new voice assistant account
  • Assign a new preset or change existing presets

Note: Friends and family that do not have a Bose Music account can also play music using a Bluetooth connection or using a third-party app that supports Wi-Fi playback.

Changing the sharing mode

In the Bose Music app, tap the My Bose icon in the upper-left corner

Select the product

Tap the product image in the bottom-right corner

Tap Settings > Sharing and choose whether or not to share with other users on the network

Note: When sharing is disabled for a product, users who already added the product to their account while sharing was enabled can still control the product and make changes; however, additional users cannot add the product. To stop sharing a product with all users who have added the product to their account, restore the system's factory defaults, setup the system again, and — when prompted during setup — choose not to share the product.

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