System will not turn on

  • Make sure the power cord(s) is/are securely connected. If either end of the power cord(s) is/are not firmly connected, the power connection may be inconsistent

    When checking the power connection of the Bose system, be sure the power connection of any device connected to the system is also securely connected.
  • Check to see if the L1 Model II power stand or a compatible Pro portable product has power
  • Be sure the power cord(s) is/are plugged into a working power outlet(s). If the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the switch is in the On position. Test the outlet with another device, such as a lamp. If necessary, plug the system into a different outlet

    Note: Some power strips cut power to outlets when certain other outlets are not turned on. Check the manufacturer for details.
  • Try a different ToneMatch cable. If a different cable solves the problem, the original cable may be defective
  • Check the ToneMatch cable. Use an Ethernet/Cat 5 cable as a substitute

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