Manually updating your SoundTouch system

Before you begin

From time to time, updates will be available for your SoundTouch system. When available, the SoundTouch app will prompt you to update upon opening the app. You can also manually check if an update is available in the SoundTouch app by completing the following steps:

In the SoundTouch app, select Menu (≡) > Settings > Speaker Settings. On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide out menu might already be open

Select UPDATE. If the UPDATE button appears grayed out, there is no update currently available for your system

Note: Updates are released in batches, so not all users receive updates at the same time. It can take up to 2 weeks from a release date before the latest update is available for your system.

If you're experiencing issues with an update, you can update manually by following the steps below.

Note: If you have an Acoustimass 300 wireless bass module connected to your system, it must be connected wirelessly in order to receive the update as well. If the bass module was connected to the console using a 3.5 mm cable during the system update, the bass module will not be updated. To update the bass module, disconnect the 3.5 mm cable at both ends, pair the bass module to the console and install the software again using the method below.

Manually updating with the remote control

You can manually update the system using the remote control. This method requires that your system is connected to your network. The Wi-Fi® indicator on the front of the system should be solid white to indicate network connectivity.

Note: If a new update is not available, this method will reload the current version on your system:

On the remote control, press the SoundTouch button

Press and hold the Closed Captioning (CC) button until the Wi-Fi indicator, TV indicator, SoundTouch indicator and Bluetooth® indicator on the soundbar blink white

Release the CC button. The system will start updating automatically. The Wi-Fi indicator will flash while the system is updating. The update may take 10 minutes or more, and the system will reboot when the update is complete. You can view the progress of the update in the SoundTouch app. The progress bar in the app will reach and stay at 100% after the soundbar is updated, but will remain at 100% as the bass module is updated (if connected).

Updating with a USB cable (alternate method)

You will need a USB A to Micro USB cable to perform these steps.

Select the link below to download the update file

At the prompt, click SAVE to save the Update.stu file to your desktop (do not rename the file). If you do not see the prompt, the file may have downloaded automatically. Look for the Update.stu file in the footer or header of your browser’s window, or in your Downloads folder

Connect a USB cable from your computer to the SoundTouch system's "SERVICE" jack on the back of the soundbar

Using your web browser, go to

Note: This link will only work if your system is powered on and connected to a USB jack on your computer.

At the update screen, select "CHOOSE FILE" (If the button doesn't work, click the blank field to the right of "CHOOSE FILE")

In the file selection window, find and select the Update.stu file you downloaded in step 2. Once selected, the file name appears in the field to the right of the "CHOOSE FILE" button

Click "UPLOAD" and wait while the update installs:

  • A progress bar in the browser window will show the update status
  • Once installed, your system will reboot

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