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Using the Bose Sleep app

Downloading the Bose Sleep app

Download the required, free Bose Sleep app to control your sleepbuds, manage wake-up alarms, select masking sounds and configure advanced settings.

Powering on

With the Bose logo facing you, slide the lid of the charging case away from you to open

Wait for the sleepbuds' charging lights to slowly blink white then remove them from the charging case

Connect your mobile device

With your sleepbuds removed from the charging case, open the Bose Sleep app. The app will attempt to locate your sleepbuds. If the app does not locate your sleepbuds, place the sleepbuds back in the charging case for a few seconds, then remove. The app will continue looking for your buds.

Once the app finds the sleepbuds, they will appear on the screen with the current battery level. If the sleepbuds have different battery percentages, the home screen shows the lowest percentage.

To see the battery level of each individual sleepbud, tap the battery percentage and you will see a screen showing both sleepbuds and their respective battery levels.

Listening to sounds

To start listening to sounds, tap the bottom bar. This will bring up the sounds selection screen. You can select different sounds by swiping left or right. Press Play to start the sound, and set the volume with the slider on the bottom. 

Setting an alarm

To set alarms, tap the "Set Alarm" button on the main page. Here, you can turn alarms on or off, edit existing alarms and add new alarms. Tap the "EDIT" button to select mulitple alarms. Tap an individual alarm to edit its time and scheduled days. 

Powering off

Place the sleepbuds in the charging case to power off. Wait for the sleepbuds' charging lights to slowly blink white, then close the case.

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