Using your iPod® with your Bose® system

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Selecting the iPod source

Please be sure to dock your iPod. It will not appear in the SOURCE menu until you dock it.

Press the source button on the remote and select iPod. The iPod interface is displayed.

iPod interface

Your iPod menus and content appear on the left side of your screen, as shown in the following example. The track you have selected appears on the right.

Controlling your iPod

use the click pad remote and the playback controls on the control frame to operate your ipod.

remote control navigation pad

  • up arrow: up one menu item (press and hold to scroll quickly)
  • down arrow: down one menu item (press and hold to scroll quickly)
  • left arrow: up one menu level (if playing video, pause and return to menu)
  • right arrow: down one menu level (select)
  • ok button: select

control frame playback controls