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Programming your remote

The universal remote control for your system can control other devices, like a cable box or Blu-ray player that is connected to your product. Learn how to program the universal remote to control a connected device.

If you don't have the code booklet that came with your remote, check which remote version you have.

Some remotes use 4-digit codes and others use 5-digit codes. To determine which codes you need:
  1. Remove the battery door from the back of the remote
  2. Remove the batteries from the remote
  3. In the battery compartment, find the part number, which begins with 714543- and is followed by four numbers.
    • If the last two numbers are 20 (i.e. 714543-1020), use the code booklet with 4-digit codes
    • If the last two numbers are 30 (i.e. 714543-1030) use the code booklet with 5-digit codes
If you need the code booklet, search for and select your product at, then click the Downloads tab.

To program your remote:

Here are some things to know:

  • Some brands have many devices, so you might need to try several codes to find one that works
  • If the source button on your remote turns off, it is not in programming mode. Start the programming process again
  • While your univeral remote can control many devices, it might not be able to control or fully control all devices

To program the universal remote:

  1. In the remote control code booklet included with your system, find the code for the brand you want to control
    Tip: If you need the code booklet, search for and select your product at, then click the Downloads tab
  2. On your remote, press and hold the source button of the device you want to control (i.e. TV or CBL-SAT) until all six source buttons glow
  3. Release the button so only the button you held glows
  4. Enter the code for the device brand, then press the Volume + button
    Tip: If all six source buttons blink three times, an invalid code was entered
  5. Check if the remote controls the device:
    • For TVs, try the Channel buttons, then press Menu and try browsing with the Arrow buttons
    • For cable/satellite boxes, press the Guide button and try browsing with the Arrow buttons
    • For DVD/Bu-ray players, press the Menu or Guide button and try browsing with the Arrow buttons
    • For game systems, try browsing with the Arrow buttons
  6. If the code works, press Exit to save your settings
  7. If the code does not work, press Volume + to select the next code for the brand, then repeat step 5
    Tip: If the six source buttons on your remote blink three times, there are no additional codes for the brand.

Once programmed, press the device button on the remote to control that device.

After programming the remote to control an external device, press the device button on the remote to tell it which device you want to control. For example, to control your cable or satellite box, press the CBL-SAT button on the remote, then press the buttons you want to control on your cable or satellite box.
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