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Using another remote to control your Bose system

Your system can receive IR commands from other remote controls. This is useful, for example, if you want to program a third-party universal remote to control multiple devices in your home, including your Bose system. Find out how to control your system with another remote.

Be sure your speaker is up-to-date.

If your speaker was purchased around the middle of 2020, its firmware may need to be updated to enable the IR learning function. This allows you to teach your system volume and mute commands from another IR (infrared) remote. For more info, see Updating the software or firmware of your product.

Use another remote to control your system.

Use HDMI-CEC to control your system

Most newer devices with HDMI feature CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). If your system and other devices (i.e. TV, Blu-ray, cable box, etc.) are connected using HDMI cables, look in the menus of each device for HDMI-CEC options. When enabled, remotes for those devices might control volume, mute, and power for your system. (Tip: Depending on the brand, CEC may be referred by a different name in the device menu. For more info, see Names used by different brands for CEC.)

Program a universal remote to control your system

You can use a remote that sends IR (infrared) commands to control your speaker. Your speaker cannot be controlled by remotes that use RF (radio frequency) commands.

Refer to the programming instructions for the universal remote. If there is a list of codes to try, try each of the codes provided to control Bose products until you find one that works best. (Note: Universal remotes may or may not have codes to control or fully control all devices.)

Teach your system the Volume and Mute commands of another remote

You can teach your speaker to recognize the Volume and Mute controls of a remote that sends IR (infrared) commands—even if it's not a universal remote. This will not work for remotes that send RF (radio frequency) commands to control devices.
  1. On your Bose remote, press and hold the TV button until the TV and Bluetooth® lights on the speaker blink three times and then glow white
    Tip: The speaker is in programming mode while the lights glow white. If they stop glowing white, repeat this step and try again
  2. Press the Volume + button
  3. On the remote with which you want to control your Bose system, press and hold the Volume Up button until your speaker plays a tone:
    • If the TV light on your speaker blinks amber twice then glows white, it learned the command
    • If the TV light on your speaker blinks red twice then glows white, it did not learn the command. Try again. If it doesn't work after a few tries, the speaker cannot learn the commands of that particular remote
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 using the Volume Down buttons on the remotes
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 3 using the Mute buttons on the remotes.

Control power to your system without a remote

Your system can power on and off automatically without remote control. To have your system power on automatically when sound is present, see Turning auto-wake on or off. Your system will also power off automatically after 20 minutes without interaction.

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