SoundTouch® 520 home theater system

Sold from 2015 - 2017

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"Unable to add the system to your SoundTouch account" message displayed

This message appears during setup if a SoundTouch system cannot be associated with your account. To resolve this, try the following:

On the device running the Bose app, turn Wi-Fi off and back on again.

In the Wi-Fi settings of the device running the Bose app, turning Wi-Fi off and back on again could help to reestablish a connection.

Be sure Internet connectivity is not paused or disabled for the necessary devices.

Some Internet Service Providers allow you to pause access to the Internet for certain networked devices. If your ISP offers this feature, unpause all devices and try again.

Reboot your router.

Routers may need to be reset from time to time—much like rebooting a computer. Disconnect power from the router for 30 seconds, then wait for it to start up and connect. (Note: Any device connected to the Internet will be interrupted during the reset.)

Reset your control console and SoundTouch adapter.

A reset is used to correct occasional product issues. It is not something that a product should require repeatedly. For more information, see Resetting your product.

Disconnect any Internet-ready devices (if connected) from the computer.

If, for example, a USB device that can connected to the Internet is connected to the computer, disconnect the device and check if the issue is resolved. Some Internet-ready devices might take over the network connection of the computer. Similarly, if an Ethernet cable is plugged in to the network port on the computer, try disconnecting it.

Check for and install any available product updates.

If using the Mac/PC app or a music library stored on a computer, determine if the issue is related to the computer security configuration.

IMPORTANT: You computer security software provides protection between your network and the Internet. Before trying this suggestion, consider whether or not it is safe to temporarily disable the security software. If there are no concerns, try the following.
On your computer, temporarily disable any firewalls or security software one-by-one. If performance improves when one is disabled, the issue could be related to the configuration of that software. Re-enable all security software you disabled. Then, in the settings of the software affecting performance, add the SoundTouch app and SoundTouch music server as programs that the software should not block.

If using the PC/Mac app, add exceptions for SoundTouch in any antivirus or firewall software.

If the firewall or security software on your computer prompts you to allow access to SoundTouch, allow access. If you deny access, SoundTouch system and software functaionality will be limited. If you already denied access, you can try uninstalling the SoundTouch app, reinstalling it, and then allowing accessing when prompted after opening the app again. If you are not prompted, go to the settings of your security software and add the SoundTouch app and SoundTouch music server as programs that the software should not block.
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