SoundTouch soundbar system

Sold from 2017 - 2020

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Controlling SoundTouch systems using the Bose Skills for Amazon Alexa

The Bose Skills for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant are available to enable voice control of your SoundTouch systems. This allows convenient hands-free control of your system from wherever your Alexa device can hear you.

Controlling SoundTouch systems with Amazon Alexa.

The Bose Skill and Bose SoundTouch Control Skill for Amazon Alexa lets you control your SoundTouch systems by talking to an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. One or both Skills can be installed depending on the desired functionality. For info on installing the skills, see Setting up the Bose Skills for Amazon Alexa.

Using the Bose Skill

With the Bose Skill, Alexa can play music from your SoundTouch systems. Be sure the music services you wish to use have been added to the Alexa app. For more info, see Setting up the Bose Skills for Amazon Alexa.

To control music playback:

Ask Alexa to control your SoundTouch system. Be sure to use the name you gave your system in the SoundTouch app. For example, if you named your system “Kitchen,” try these commands:
  • Alexa, play some jazz in the kitchen.
  • Alexa, turn up the volume in the kitchen.
  • Alexa, what’s playing in the kitchen?
Note: By default, SoundTouch systems do not lower volume when you talk to Alexa. If the Bose system volume is too loud for Alexa to understand you, you can have your Bose system mute when you say "Alexa." For more info, see Muting playback sound when talking to Alexa.

Using the Bose SoundTouch Control Skill

Note: The Bose SoundTouch Control Skill is only available for Amazon accounts with a language setting of US English. Other languages are not supported.

With the Bose SoundTouch Control skill, Alexa can control SoundTouch-specific functions of your SoundTouch systems—like presets, power and group playback. Just say, “Alexa, ask Bose” followed by a SoundTouch command. If you have more than one SoundTouch system, control a specific system by saying "on [system name]" after the command (i.e "Alexa, ask Bose to play preset 1 on Living Room").

Here are some common commands:
  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn on/off
  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn up/down the volume
  • Alexa, ask Bose to set volume to [level 1 through 10]
  • Alexa, ask Bose to mute/unmute
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play/pause/skip-forward/skip-backward
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play a preset
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play preset [number]
  • Alexa, ask Bose what's playing
  • Alexa, ask Bose to list my presets
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play all
  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn all off
  • Alexa, ask Bose about [system name]
  • Alexa, ask Bose for help
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