Lifestyle® 535 Series III home entertainment system

Sold from 2014 - 2015

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Understanding LED indicator status lights and information

Find out what the LED indicator light on your product tells you about the status of your product.

Control Console LED Status Indicator

LED State   Description
Off Light off System is off (Standby)
Solid Red Solid red light System is in network standby
Blinking Green Blinking green light System is starting
Solid Green Solid green light System is ready to use
Solid Amber Solid amber light System is powering down, or system is off and charging an iPod

SoundTouch Wireless Adapter LED Status Indicator

Back of SoundTouch adapter showing Wifi indicator
LED State   Description
Off LED off The adapter is unpowered, connected via Ethernet or the network is disabled
White (blinking fast) LED blinking white quickly The adapter is attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network
White (slow flash) LED blinking white slowly The adapter is downloading a firmware update
White LED solid white The adapter is connected to a Wi-Fi network
White (solid 3 sec, double-flash, repeat) LED blinking white 3 times The adapter is installing a firmware update
Amber (blinking) LED blinking amber The adapter failed to connect to Wi-Fi / network error
Amber (blinking fast) LED blinking quickly The adapter has a firmware error
Amber (solid) LED solid amber The adapter is in setup mode broadcasting its "Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi Network"
Note: Adapters produced after DOM 4286 have a clear plastic lens in front of the indicator allowing the light from the LED to be seen more easily. Adapters produced before this DOM may require looking directly in to the hole to to see the LED.

Lifestyle Acoustimass Module LED Status Indicators

Green LED Orange LED   Description
Off Off No power. The system is disconnected from power, the audio cable is disconnected, or the system is plugged in and fully connected but not on.
5 Hz Off Normal operation. The system is on and is processing digital information
Counterblink Digital signal is not present. This could be caused by a damaged or improperly seated audio input cable, or it could indicate a hardware problem in either the Lifestyle console or bass module
5 Hz Syncblink This blink pattern would occur during a software update
1 Hz Syncblink System powering down or system off and charging iPod
Note: The Acoustimass module requires a turn-on signal from a Lifestyle console to enable the LED status indicators.
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