Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Sold from 2020 - present

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If your product seems to be set up properly but does not produce sound, try the following:

Be sure the system is connected properly.

A connection may have come loose or may be incorrect. Check the seating and location of the interconnect cables at both ends. For information system connections, see Setting up your product.

If connected via HDMI, look for related audio settings in the menu of the connected device.

In the settings menu of the connected device (i.e. cable box or Blu-ray player), look for audio settings. Many devices that send audio over HDMI might have an option for ARC or CEC; try enabling these. If the device connects to the TV and then to your Bose system, look for these settings in both the device and TV menus. (Note: Depending on the brand, CEC may be referred by a different name in the device menu. For more info, see Names used by different brands for CEC.)

Check the volume level of the Bose system.

Be sure the system volume is not turned down. Using the volume control, gradually increase the volume level.

Check the HDMI-CEC setting of your product.

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a feature that allows devices connected via HDMI to communicate with each other. However, since there are a variety of brands and models of HDMI devices, sometimes devices may not communicate as expected. For issues with audio, video, or remote control operations when using HDMI connections, try selecting a different Advanced CEC option in the Settings menu of the soundbar within the Bose Music app. To disable HDMI-CEC functionality of the soundbar, which would prevents it from operating other devices or responding to operations from other devices, set the option to Off. For more info, see Turning HDMI-CEC on or off.

If there is more than one Bose system on the network, be sure the correct one is selected.

In the Bose Music app, tap the My Bose icon icon in upper-left corner to view the Bose Music products associated to your account. Tap the product you want to control to select it.

Reboot the connected device.

Electronics might need to be reset from time-to-time—much like rebooting a computer. Power off the device, then power it back on and try again.

Reset the HDMI connection by resetting both devices and the cables connected between them.

  1. Turn off the Bose system, the source device and the TV.
  2. Unplug the Bose system, the source device and the TV.
  3. Disconnect two HDMI cables at both ends and reseat them ensuring secure connections.
  4. Reconnect the source device, the TV and the Bose system to power.
  5. Turn on the TV and the source device.
  6. Once the TV and source device have finished powering up, turn on the Bose system.
The steps can resolve issues due to a variety of causes. The TV and sources device may haves stored misinformation received through the HDMI cable. This reset procedure will clear their memory of this data.

Try a different High-Speed HDMI cable.

There may be a problem with the connectors of or wiring within the cable, even if there is no visible damage. Make the same connection with a different High-Speed HDMI cable to resolve the issue and to determine if there is a problem with the original cable.

Replace the HDMI cable with an optical cable.

Due to CEC and ARC compatibility issues among different brands and models, audio might not work or might work intermittently when using an HDMI connection. Disconnect the HDMI cable between the soundbar and the TV then connect an optical cable in its place. Check the audio output settings of the TV to determine if optical output needed to be selected or enabled.

Since optical cables do not carry HDMI-CEC commands for inter-device operations, the Bose remote would need to be used to adjust volume, which can be done with the Bose Music app as well.

Restore the system to its factory defaults and restart the set up process.

For more info, see Resetting your product.

Reset your product.

Much like rebooting a smartphone, your product might need to be reset on occasion to correct minor issues. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Your product may need service.

If the steps provided do not resolve your issue, your product may need service. Follow the link below for more information on how to service your product. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

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