CineMate® Series II digital home theater speaker system

Sold from 2009 - 2014

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If your product seems to be set up properly but does not produce sound, try the following:

Be sure the system is set up properly and all connections are secure.

A connection may have come loose or may be connected incorrectly. For more info, see Setting up your product.

Be sure only one device is connected to the interface module

Despite having two input connections - one digital optical and one pair of analog RCAs - the system can only support one source at a time. A digital signal will always be prioritized over the analog signal so if two different devices are connected, the device connected digitally will be one that is heard through the system. The digital output of some devices will always send out a signal despite its volume level or power state, which would keep the system from auto-switching to the analog input.

Turn off or disconnect any device connected to the optical input if it is preventing the device connected to the analog input from being heard.

In the TV menu, look for applicable audio/sound settings.

Many TVs have a menu setting that allows audio to be sent to speakers other than the TV speakers. In the TV menu, navigate to sound settings and look for a TV Speakers or Audio Output option (or something similar). The TV speakers may need to be turned off and the output may need to be set to Fixed or External Speakers. (Tip: If there is no fixed output option, you might need to turn up the TV volume to max to hear it through your Bose speakers—even if the TV speakers are turned off.)

Check the volume level of the Bose system.

Be sure the system volume is not turned down. Using the volume control, gradually increase the volume level.

Remove and reseat the interface module cable to ensure a firm connection.

Disconnect and reconnect the interface module connector at the back of the Acoustimass module. This connection is held in place by two thumbscrews which must be firmly tightened to ensure a proper connection. For information on connecting the system, see Setting up your product.

Check the condition of the speaker wires and be sure they are secure at both ends.

Check the speaker wires for any kinks, scratches, cuts or damage. Replace any damaged wires and check that they are securely connected at both ends.

Reset your product.

Much like rebooting a smartphone, your product might need to be reset on occasion to correct minor issues. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Your system may need service.

If the steps provided do not resolve your issue, your system may need service. Follow the link below for more information on how to service your product. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

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