Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system

Sold from 2016 - 2021

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Setting up your product

Learn how to set up your product, connect components and enjoy the benefits of all its features.

To connect the components of your system:

Connect the AC-2 speaker wire adapters

Connect the bare wire pairs at the end of the front and rear speaker cables to the five AC-2 adapters speaker wire adapters:
  1. Use the included screwdriver to loosen the screws on the five AC-2 adapters
  2. Connect the black and red bare wire pairs on each speaker cable to the corresponding colored connectors on the adapters
    Tip: Insert only the metal portion of the wires into the adapters  
  3. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw on the adapters to secure the wires

Connect the front speakers

  1. Connect the front speaker cables to the 6-pin Front Speakers jack on the back of the media console. (Note: The 4-pin Front Speakers connector is not used)
  2. Connect the AC-2 adapters at the end of the front speakers cable to the front speakers:
    1. Connect the L+ cable to the speaker on the left of the TV
    2. Connect the R+ cable to the speaker on the right of the TV
    3. Connect the C+ cable to the center speaker
      Tip: The left and right speakers are determined by your left and right while facing the TV

Connect the rear speakers

Using a wired connection:

If you are not using the wireless receivers, press the Teletext button on the remote (below the Blue button) to proceed.

Using a wireless connection:

  1. Connect the rear speaker cables from the rear speakers to the wireless rear speaker receivers
  2. Set the switch on one wireless receiver to L (for the rear left speaker) and set the switch on the other recevier to R (for the rear right speaker)
    Tip: The left and right speakers are determined by your left and right while facing the TV
  3. Connect power cords from both wireless receivers to AC (mains) outlets.

Connecting the console, bass module and remote control

  1. Connect the HDMI cable from the OUT TO TV jack on the system console to your TV
  2. Connect the power supply from the POWER jack on the system console to an AC (mains) outlet
  3. Connect a power cord from the power supply to an AC (mains) outlet
  4. Connect a power cord from the bass module to an AC (mains) outlet
  5. Install the four batteries in the remote. Be sure to match the + and - markings on the batteries to the corresponding marks in the battery compartment
Tip: When first powering on, use the Power button on the system console since the remote might not yet be paired. Then, follow the on-screen setup instructions to pair your remote, connect other devices and program your remote.

Determine where to place your product.

For speaker placement suggestions, see Speaker placement and positioning.

Are you using a mobile device or a computer for setup?

The SoundTouch app can be installed on a mobile device or computer. For info on installing the app, see instructions for Installing the SoundTouch app on an Android device, Installing the SoundTouch app on an iOS device or Installing the SoundTouch app on a PC or Mac computer.

Mobile device


Run ADAPTiQ to maximize the system sound.

For more information on how to run ADAPTiQ, see ADAPTiQ system setup and deactivation.

The ADAPTiQ audio calibration software, included with the system, automatically tests the acoustics of the listening area, analyzes speaker placement and tailors the sound of the system to the specific acoustics of the room.

Connect audio devices to your product.

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