Lifestyle 525 Series II home entertainment system

Sold from 2013 - 2014

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Intermittent audio from product

If the sound played from your product cuts in and out, plays inconsistently or is choppy-sounding, try the following:

Be sure the system is set up properly and all connections are secure.

A connection may have come loose or may be connected incorrectly. For more info, see Setting up your product.

Check for and install any available product updates.

Reset your system

A reset is used to correct occasional product issues. It is not something that a product should require repeatedly. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Check the condition of the speaker wires and be sure they are secure at both ends.

Check the speaker wires for any kinks, scratches, cuts or damage. Replace any damaged wires and check that they are securely connected at both ends.

Replace the cables used to connect your product

Try replacing the cables that connect your product. If no issue is heard with new cables, the first set of cables is the issue.

Check if High Speed HDMI cables are connecting your equipment.

HDMI High Speed cables are recommended for best performance with the TV and devices connected to your system. The HDMI cable included with your system is a High Speed HDMI cable.

Check for sources of wireless interference.

It's possible that interference from other wireless devices are affecting the wireless functionality of your product. Check for other wireless devices in the area of your product  (i.e. another router, cordless phone, wireless printer, smart TV, etc.). To determine if a device might be interfering, try unplugging its power cord or disabling Wi-Fi on the device. If the issue is resolved when a particular device is removed, try placing that device farther away from your product, if possible. Additionally, if the device has a wireless channel setting, try a different channel.

If the issue occurs with a certain source, select it below for more help.


Cable/satellite box

Another device (i.e. Blu-ray player, game system, tablet, etc.)

Streaming music service (if using the accessory SoundTouch adapter)

Bluetooth® device (if using the accessory SoundTouch adapter with Bluetooth)

The Acoustimass Module and Control Console may need service.

If the steps provided do not resolve your issue, the Acoustimass Module and Control Console may need service. Follow the link below for more information on how to service the Acoustimass Module and Control Console. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

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