Lifestyle® 525 Series III home entertainment system

Sold from 2014 - 2015

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Sound is not heard from all speakers

If you're listening to audio on your product but cannot hear sound from all of the speakers, try the following:

Be sure the system is set up properly and all connections are secure.

A connection may have come loose or may be connected incorrectly. For more info, see Setting up your product.

There are no balance controls on your Bose product.

Volume from the left and right speakers cannot be adjusted.

Try a different audio device.

Connect and play another audio device through your product. This can help determine if the issue is isolated to the first device.

For issues with DVDs, try a different audio track (if available).

Some DVDs have multiple audio tracks available in the DVD audio/sound menu. In the DVD menu, select a different audio track and listen for differences.

Try playing a song from artist, collection or music service.

Some media might be made for one speaker (i.e. old recordings or some news or voice recordings). Try a different track, like a newer pop song, and listen for a difference.

Reset your system

A reset is used to correct occasional product issues. It is not something that a product should require repeatedly. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Check for and install any available product updates.

Check the selected speaker mode and speaker volume.

If you can't hear the center speaker, be sure the system is in either 3 or 5-speaker mode and that the center speaker volume is not set too low. If you can't hear the rear speakers, be sure the system is in 5-speaker mode and that the rear surround speaker volume is not set too low. For more info, see Changing speaker mode, Adjusting center channel volume level and/or Adjusting the volume level of the rear surround speakers.

In the system menu, select a different sound setting.

Different sound settings are available in your system help optimize audio for the content you play. For more info, see Changing and using Sound settings.

Run the ADAPTiQ audio calibration to optimize the sound of your system.

Since different environments affect how sound is heard, use ADAPTiQ can calibrate you system. It listens to how your speakers sound in your room, then adjusts the sound as needed to optimize sound quality. For more info, see ADAPTiQ system setup and deactivation.

Check the condition of the speaker wires and be sure they are secure at both ends.

Check the speaker wires for any kinks, scratches, cuts or damage. Replace any damaged wires and check that they are securely connected at both ends.

Switch the speaker wires on the output of the receiver.

At the back of the receiver, switch the connection of the speaker wire that may not be working properly with one that is working properly. If the problem does not stay with the same speaker, contact the manufacturer of the receiver for assistance

Switch the speaker wires on the output of the Acoustimass module.

At the Acoustimass module connection panel, switch the connector of the speaker that may not be working properly with the one that is working properly. If the problem stays with the same speaker, the speaker wire is defective. Replace the speaker wire. Be sure the connectors are returned to their original jacks

If the issue is with your bass module or your rear surround speakers, select it below for more help.

No sound from rear surround speakers

If the issue occurs with a certain source, select it below for more help.

Streaming music service from the Bose app


Cable/satellite box

Another device (i.e. Blu-ray player, game system, tablet, etc.)

The Acoustimass module may need service.

If the steps provided do not resolve your issue, the Acoustimass module may need service. Follow the link below for more information on how to service your Acoustimass module. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

Click here to start service
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