Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds II

Sold from 2022 - present

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Earbuds don't fit

Please view these instructions for help and information on getting a proper fit:

Wearing your earbuds

  1. Insert the earbud so the eartip gently rests at the opening of your ear canal.
    NOTE: Each earbud is marked with either an R (right) or L (left).

  2. Slightly rotate the earbud back until the eartip creates a comfortable seal at your ear canal and the stability band rests against your ear ridge.


    NOTE: You may need to rotate the earbud back and forth for the eartip to create a  comfortable seal. However, rotating it too far back or forward may impact audio and microphone sound quality.
  3. Check the fit (see below).
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to insert the other earbud.

Request an Alternate Fit Kit free of charge

For additional tips and stability bands, click the appropriate link below for your free of charge Alternate Fit Kit.
United States only, click here
All regions, click here

Checking your fit

For the best fit, audio performance, and noise cancellation, use a mirror to make sure you’re using the correct size eartips and stability bands. You may need to try a  different size eartip or stability band for each ear.
TIP: You can also check your fit using the Eartip Fit Test in the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.


  • Proper fit - The eartip gently rests at the opening of your ear canal to create a comfortable seal
    NOTE: Background noise should sound muffled before the earbuds are powered on and noise cancellation is active.
  • Too much pressure - The eartip feels uncomfortable and squished in your ear canal
  • Too loose - The eartip rests too deep in your ear canal, feels loose in your ear, or falls out when you move your head

Stability Band

  • Proper fit - The band doesn’t stick out or feel squished against your ear ridge
  • Too big - The band is sticking out or feels squished under your ear ridge
  • Too small - The band doesn’t reach your ear ridge.

Try the Eartip Fit Test in the Bose Music App

You may need to try a different size eartip or stability band for each ear. To check your fit:
  1. Open the Bose Music app
  2. On the product's main screen, tap the settings icon in the upper righthand corner to enter the "Settings" menu.

  3. In the about section, tap "Eartip Fit Test" and run the test.

For additional help or to order different tips and stability bands, go here or contact Bose customer service.

Try another size

Wear the earbuds for an extended period of time. If the earbuds don’t feel  comfortable or secure, or noise cancellation or sound quality isn’t as expected, try another size eartip or stability band. You may need to try all three eartip or band sizes or use a different size eartip or band for each ear.

Eartip- The eartips come in small, medium, and large. Medium eartips come attached to the earbuds. If they feel too small, try large eartips. If they feel too big, try small eartips.

Stability band - The stability bands are marked with size 1 (small), 2 (medium), or 3 (large) and an R(right) or L (left). Size 1 bands come attached to the earbuds. If they feel too small, try size 2 bands.

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