SoundTouch® Portable system

Sold from 2013 - 2014

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Short battery life

If the battery charge level drains at a faster rate than expected, try the following:

Your product powers off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

If there is no audio playing and no interaction with your product, it will turn off automatically after 20 minutes.

The battery will lose some charge while not in use.

While the system enters into a standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity when disconnected from AC power, the IR receiver on the system is still active in order to respond to commands from the remote. The system will remain in this standby state for eight days before it enters battery protection mode. A small amount of power loss will occur during this standby state, while the system reboots and when re-activating Wi-Fi functionality. Because of this the battery level indication may display a lower level of charge than previously checked.

Determine if the battery has been fully charged.

For the maximum expected battery life, be sure the battery is fully charged. For more info see, Checking the remaining battery charge.

Check if the battery is providing expecting operating time.

When fully charged, the battery typically provides about 3 hours of playing time at a moderate volume levels. Battery power is consumed faster at higher volume levels. The typical life span of the battery is about 300 charge cycles.

Wait until the low battery light appears, then fully charge your product.

If your product is not used for a while, it is possible that the battery light might not accurately show the remaining battery charge. To resolve this, use your product until the low battery light appears, then recharge it until full. For more info, see Charging the battery.

Reset your product.

Much like rebooting a smartphone, your product might need to be reset on occasion to correct minor issues. For more info, see Resetting your product.

Your product may need service.

If the steps provided do not resolve your issue, your product may need service. Follow the link below for more information on how to service your product. Depending on your product and region, you will be provided a contact number or the ability to setup service online.

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