Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids

Sold from 2021 - present

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Wearing and adjusting your product

Proper fit is important for product comfort and performance. Get tips on how to properly fit and adjust your product.

Wearing and fitting your hearing aids

Putting on your hearing aids

  1. Find the hearing aid for your right and left ears
    • The hearing aid for your left ear has a blue speaker
    • The hearing aid for your right ear has a red speaker
  2. Place the body of the hearing aid behind your upper ear
  3. Wrap the attached cable over the top of your ear so the speaker reaches your ear canal
    • Take care not to bend or modify the shape of the cable
    • If you wear glasses, place the cable between your ear and the frame of the glasses
    • If you have long hair, try putting your hair behind your ears before wearing hearing aids
    • The cable should fit comfortably in most cases. If it seems too long or too short, check if you need a different size cable. For more info, see Using the cable sizing tool
  4. Hold the bend in the cable near the speaker, then insert the speaker into your ear until it feels secure and the bend in the cable is flat against your ear
    • If you have difficultly, try pulling the top of your ear upward with one hand while inserting the speaker with the other hand. It can also help to open or close your mouth while inserting the speaker.


Choosing the correct eartips

If your hearing aids don't feel comfortable or secure in your ears, try a different size eartip. Try each size included with your product to determine which is most comfortable. You might need a different size eartip for both ears. For more info, see Changing ear tips.
  • Size 1 (small), 2 (medium) and 3 (large) closed and open eartips are included with your product
  • Size 2 (medium) open eartips come attached to your product
  • Closed eartips let your hear a fuller bass response and perform better at high World Volume settings
  • Open eartips let you hear your own voice more naturally

Tips for getting starting with your hearing aids

Adjusting to a new hearing aid can feel overwhelming at first, and it can take time to feel fully comfortable. Here’s what you can expect during the first few days and weeks of using the hearing aids:
  • The eartips may feel strange or itchy inside your ear canal at first. This is normal, and you’ll get used to the feeling over time. However, if they feel painful, try a different eartip size
  • The hearing aids might feel slightly uncomfortable to start. Try to wear them as much as possible to give yourself time to get used to the feeling. If you aren’t comfortable wearing the hearing aids all day, try wearing them for a few hours at a time and gradually work up to longer use.
  • Sounds may seem loud or different. You may also notice background noises that you haven’t heard before. As your brain learns to recognize and filter out these sounds, they’ll become less apparent over time
  • Your voice may seem loud at first. To help, practice talking with a friend in a familiar environment before using the hearing aids for other conversations
  • You might need to experiment with different hearing aid settings in the Bose Hear app as you try the hearing aids in new environments. Over time, you’ll find settings that work for you and won’t need to adjust them as often