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Remote from another product controls Bose system

If a remote other than your Bose remote is unexpectedly controlling your system, try the following:

If the other remote is programmable, try clearing and then reprogramming it.

If the other remote is a learning or universal remote, it may have been previously programmed to control your system. Try clearing that remote and then reprogramming it only for the devices you want it to control.

The 321 remote uses the same IR remote code set.

321 remotes share a common code-set with this product, and may control this console. Since the control console will always accept an IR command when sent, a 321 remote used in close proximity to this control console may inadvertently cause a command to be received. Move the 321 remote to a new location.

If there is an issue with remote operation issues, pair the Apple remote with the computer.

Some MacBooks and iMac have in an integrated infrared (IR) receiver that can be operated by more than one device. It's Apple Remote can be paired to the computer so it doesn't interfere with other IR device or accept operations from other devices. Pairing allows you to set the receiving computer so that it can only be controlled by one remote

Pairing the Apple remote with the computer
  1. Get close the the computer (about 3 or 4 inches away)
  2. Point the remote at the Apple logo on the front of the computer
  3. Press and hold the Menu and Next/Fast-forward buttons simultaneously on the remote for 5 seconds
The Apple remote is now paired with the computer. You can tell the remote is paired because you will see a chain-link style lock
To delete a pairing between the remote and the computer, open System Preferences, click Security, and then click Unpair in the Security pane

If the computer is never operated by a remote, turn off the IR remote receiver
  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
  2. Click Security to display the panel
  3. Select the "Disable remote control infrared receiver" checkbox

Move the conflicting products farther away from each other.

If the remote for your product and the other device control one another, try separating your product and the device so that the remote sensors on the product and device are in different areas.
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