New Bose build-it-yourself Bluetooth headphones put kids in control

May 18, 2018 – Today, Bose announced its second BOSEbuild product, “build-it-yourself” Bluetooth® headphones. It’s a complete kit that provides kids with a fun and interactive way to explore the science of sound while putting together a pair of high-quality headphones.

The BOSEbuild Listen companion app walks kids through a step-by-step process to assemble their headphones. While in the app, kids are guided through 17 different activities, games, and experiments. They can explore microphones, sound, hearing, and even an augmented reality experience. All activities are meant for kids to enjoy at their own speed, and they can revisit any activity at any time, even after the headphones are fully constructed. At the end, kids have built a pair of headphones that deliver the same audio performance and durability that people expect from Bose, plus a sense of pride for doing it all on their own.

The headphones come with multiple design inserts and colorful lights for each earcup that fit any personal style, and can be changed as often as kids like. The finished headphones can be paired with an iPad, iPhone, or other popular devices so they can listen to their favorite music, stream videos, and more. Additional features such as Bose’s Smart Volume Limiting technology monitors and dynamically adjusts volume downward to promote safer listening, while the rugged, durable design ensures the headphones will survive drops and bumps.

The BOSEbuild headphones will be available on June 15, 2018 at build.bose.com for $149. The headphones are intended for kids ages 8 and older. More details and information can be found on the BOSEbuild site.



BOSEbuild is committed to sparking the natural curiosity of kids, helping them discover more about the awesome world they live in. Through a category of build-it-yourself consumer electronics, BOSEbuild products will give kids all that they need to build something they love. And along the way, they'll learn about the science and technology that makes it work.

BOSEbuild reflects the history of Bose, and hopes to inspire the next generation of inventors, doers, and makers.



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