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Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Any tune, any room.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar on a TV stand

Couch surfing, only better.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

A person wearing Bose Smart Ultra Headphones

A quiet space, anywhere.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Connect any source

With the Bose Music Amplifier’s analog and optical inputs, you can connect a record player, CD, or cassette player. Rediscover the oldies, goodies, and anything in between.

Music that sets the vibe

It’s powerfully simple. Fill any room with wall-to-wall stereo sound, while built-in voice control puts millions of songs at the tip of your tongue.

Power’s in your hand

Explore the Bose Music app Control your system from any room

Pro sound, zero effort.

Like having an audio engineer right there with you, the S1 Pro+'s built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions make sure you have optimal sound in nearly any position — whether it’s on the ground, on its side, tilted back, or elevated.

More music in every room
Smart speaker
Bluetooth Smart Speaker
Speaker-to-speaker magic

For chill time

Reach a new level of listening with the combination of breakthrough spatialized sound, world-class noise cancellation, and high-fidelity audio. Add in Adjustable EQ so you can tune your music to your liking, and upgrade your sound even more.

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Sound just got real. That’s the power of QuietComfort Ultra Headphones with breakthrough spatialized audio for a truly immersive sound experience. Enjoy leveled-up listening with world-class noise cancellation, elevated design, and luxe materials — it’s everything music makes you feel taken to new highs.

For thrill time

Got roommates? Throw a listening party or rock out in private with SimpleSync. Connect multiple speakers at once or connect your headphones to a soundbar to keep things quiet.

For shake the room time

Boost your home audio

Bose Portable Smart Speaker tdt
Bose Portable Smart Speaker
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2 Colors
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones tdt
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones
3 Colors
3 Colors
Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar tdt
Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar
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2 Colors

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