Find your focus

Give your undivided attention
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Make your work sesh a vibe

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Young woman listening to music from a SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker while lying on her bed

Show your hobbies some love

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones

Find your study flow

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones

Block out the

Create your best work

Real productivity is in Quiet Mode when you silence the background with the world’s best noise cancellation.

Sound shaped just for you


Made for every ear type, Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds use CustomTune technology to personalize your listening experience with a perfect fit and balanced sound.
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

“Best Sounding Earbuds: Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds”

Rolling Stone Magazine

QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Breakthrough spatialized audio for more immersive listening than ever before meets world-class noise cancellation and sound tailored to you. Say less. (Listen more.)

Groove your way through that to-do list

The Portable Smart Speaker is a wireless home speaker, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a voice-controlled speaker, all in one. It works when moved from room to room and when you go outside, you can take it with you.

Luxe materials. Max comfort.

Modern, sleek, sophisticated. The cushions wrap your ears in a soft hug. The headband spreads pressure evenly. And sleek metal arms add a statement of sophisticated design. QuietComfort Ultra Headphones are elevated in every way.

Features that fit your journey

Bose Music app

Guided setup makes it easy to get started and introduces you to everything QuietComfort Ultra Headphones have to offer.

Info in an instant

Tap or swipe the earcups to control music playback or take a call when you’re on the go.


With Bose SimpleSync technology, you can pair your QC Ultra Headphones with select Bose speakers and soundbars for a personalized listening experience.

Up to 24 hours*

QC Ultra Headphones give you up to 24 hours* on a single charge (up to 18 hours with Immersive Audio), enough to keep going on even the longest red-eye flight.
*Battery testing was conducted by Bose with active noise cancelling on and in continuous audio playback at 50% volume. Battery runtime is based on a typical use and may vary based on usage.

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

World-class noise cancellation, breakthrough spatialized audio for more immersive listening, and an elevated design with luxe materials. It’s everything music should make you feel taken to new highs.

Find your sound

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds tdt
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds
$249.00 $299.00
3 Colors
3 Colors
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones tdt
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones
$379.00 $429.00
3 Colors
3 Colors

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