Our guiding principles

These are the enduring principles we think about every day, to make decisions both big and small.


to reach more customers with the benefits of our technology and to provide opportunities for our employees.

Teamwork and collaboration

that inspire our best people to stay and others to join.

Financial viability

of the business so that we can self-fund research, innovation, and growth over the long run.

Innovation and technology

that deliver demonstrable benefits to customers.

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Office building next to solar panels on a hill

Essence and values

How our quest for better sound unites us at Bose

These are the qualities that each and every employee knows is expected of them, and the qualities that make up the foundation of the Bose culture.

At Bose, we have a passion for doing things that are better. We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique, and delightful. We seek to develop an environment that challenges us to pursue excellence and to reach our fullest human potential.


We conduct business with integrity.

We must demonstrate the highest standard of business ethics in our dealings with our customers, suppliers, and each other. We must gain the support and trust of others and build our reputation through individual integrity and respect. Bose employees are expected to be open and honest in all business matters and to act consistently with the values we share as a company.


We pursue excellence in everything we do.

Excellence is our way of life. It has always been integral to our business. We expect our products, people, practices, and leadership to exemplify it. Our attitude is to always challenge ourselves and each other to be better.


We encourage innovation in all aspects of our work.

Research, innovation, and invention are the essence of our company. Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries. Innovation must be driven across the company into every aspect of our work. We must foster an environment that encourages individuals to stretch their imaginations and abilities and gives them the freedom to pursue their ideas.


We have a passion for what we do and what Bose stands for.

Our passion and enthusiasm for what we do enable us to achieve the high standards of performance and innovation we have set for ourselves. We believe that people who are focused, internally motivated, and energized by what they do spread their enthusiasm to others. We derive great benefits from individuals who champion their ideas and from leaders who inspire us to higher levels of achievement.


We treat others with respect.

Mutual respect and trust form the foundation for effective working relationships. We recognize that cooperation with each other and between groups is vital to our success. This means that each and every one of us must communicate openly, value different opinions, and treat each other with fairness and respect.


Together, we create value for our customers.

We must work in concert with our colleagues to ensure that all our contributions add value for the customer. We have a customer perspective; we always try to understand their needs; we create products and services of lasting quality that delight them in unexpected ways.