Finding something that’s thoughtful, personable, and memorable — fast!

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with peace and joy. For many people however, this time of year isn’t festive — it’s frantic. Finding the best holiday gift for everyone on your list is one of the biggest reasons why.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself. You’ve scoured the shelves at local stores looking for the perfect token of appreciation for your sibling, spouse, or favorite cousin. You’ve spent hours online doing the same thing, click after frenzied click. And yet, you have nothing to show for your efforts, and at this point you’re even second-guessing what your loved ones want, anyway.

So what makes the perfect gift? Three things to consider: is it thoughtful (showing you took time to find the right item, not just the fastest or cheapest one) and personal (appealing to the receiver’s specific interests), and also memorable (leaving a lasting impression)?

Checking all these boxes is tricky, to say the least.

Here are some gift ideas for the holidays

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

For the technophile

Why they’ll love it: Technophiles go gaga for gadgets, not gimmicks. It’s not enough to buy them a high-tech gift that’s cool — you need one that’s as functional as it is futuristic. That makes Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 a great choice. They’re loaded with cutting-edge features that are genuinely groundbreaking, but also super practical. For example, they have the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built right into them, so your headphones become a truly hands-free voice assistant. They also feature multiple levels of noise cancellation, and multiple microphones for call clarity. Buy them with confidence, your tech lover will love them — and love you for the perfect gift.

For the host or hostess

What to gift them: Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Why they’ll love it: If there’s one thing people who thrive on entertaining want, it’s the ability to take the party with them — wherever they go. That’s why the Bose Portable Smart Speaker is awesome: It’s a versatile wireless speaker that can connect to your music library by Wi-Fi® when you’re home and by Bluetooth® when you’re not, it’s light enough to take to the beach, the backyard, or the park, and powerful enough to be the centerpiece of an impromptu limbo contest. Plus, it’s water-resistant and has up to 12 hours of battery life, which means it’s ready to party anytime, anyplace — just like its new owner.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker
SoundSport Free wireless headphones on glitter
SoundSport Free wireless headphones

For the athlete

Why they’ll love it: Whether they’re a weekend warrior or a semi-pro jock, everyone wins with products that can stand up to the rigors of physical training. SoundSport Free wireless headphones are engineered for active users to run, jump, and sweat without missing a beat thanks to the StayHear+ Sport eartips that remain snuggly in place through it all. The headphones have a five-hour charge for long workouts, and a carrying case that can provide two additional full charges (perfect for all-day hiking or ultra-distance training). Because they’re water-repellent, your perfect gift receiver can even wear them when they’re running in the rain because a little weather should never get between them and their workout.

Bose Frames Rondo on glitter with ornaments

For the Fashionista

What to gift them: Bose Frames audio sunglasses

Why they’ll love it: You know the fashionista on your shopping list prefers a gift that’s haute than hot. Instead of a typical handbag, scarf, or hat, consider accessorizing your image-conscious friend with the revolutionary Bose Frames audio sunglasses. A sleek combination of fashion and function, these shades (in angular or round silhouettes) look like a standard pair of chic sunglasses on the outside, but inside they’re embedded with miniaturized Bose electronics that deliver immersive audio to the person wearing them while seeming virtually silent to those around them. The resulting experience is equal parts high fidelity and high fashion — and guaranteed happiness for the lucky yet stylish recipient.

Bose Frames Alto
Bose Soundbar 500

For the entertainment buff

What to gift them: Bose Soundbar 500

Why they’ll love it: On any given Saturday night, you’ll find this pop-culture-consumed person at home streaming the latest blockbuster film, listening to his favorite band at unreasonable volumes, or engaging in a multiplayer video game with an army of virtual friends. A connoisseur of digital media, the entertainment buff wants a top-notch sound system — but not one that overwhelms the entire room. The Bose Soundbar 500 measures only two inches high, allowing it to fit perfectly beneath the television. It’s Bose’s slimmest soundbar yet, but you’d never know it thanks to proprietary technology that optimizes sound level and quality for any room of the house. Plus, you can control it with the Bose Music app, which connects users to their personal music library and favorite streaming services. Perfect for the fan cave and man cave dwellers on your list.

Gifts that keep on giving

Have even more people to buy for? Check out more Bose gift guides for additional shopping ideas. Because while there are many kinds of people out there in the world, giving the gift of deep, clear, lifelike sound is one thing everyone appreciates.