This set combines the world-class noise cancellation, spatialized audio, and luxurious comfort of QuietComfort Ultra Headphones with the power of the AirFly SE transmitter, allowing you to enjoy your content even in places that don’t have Bluetooth® connectivity. Powered by AirFly SE, which features 20 hours of battery life and automatic pairing, this winning combo makes your favorite headphones more unstoppable than ever before.
Spatialized audio
World-class noise cancellation
Quiet Mode engages full noise cancellation so you can focus. Aware Mode feels as if you aren’t wearing headphones at all.
Unrivaled comfort
Customizable listening modes
Modes for any moment
Sound tailored to you
Customize with Bose Music app
Plays up to 24 hours*

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones + AirFly SE Set

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$413.99 $463.99
Included in set
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones tdt
Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones
3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating
color Sandstone
World-class noise cancellation, quieter than ever before. Breakthrough spatialized audio for immersive listening, no matter the content or source. Elevated design and luxe materials for unrivaled comfort. It’s everything music makes you feel taken to new highs. Bose Immersive Audio pushes the boundary of what it means to listen by taking what you’re hearing out of your head and placing it in front of you. It sounds so real it’s almost like you could reach out and touch it.
Save $50 when you purchase by June 16, 2024
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AirFly SE tdt
AirFly SE
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
AirFly SE is a portable transmitter that allows you to stream audio to your wireless headphones or earbuds from devices without built-in Bluetooth®, such as in-flight entertainment systems, gym equipment in fitness centers, and anywhere else with only wired headphone jacks. Simply plug AirFly SE into the headphone jack on an airplane seat or gym treadmill to listen to movies or shows with your Bluetooth headphones. Compact and perfect for travel, the essential AirFly SE stays charged for 20 hours with high-fidelity audio to keep you going through even the longest flights.
Save $50 when you purchase by June 16, 2024

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This set combines the world-class noise cancellation, spatialized audio, and luxurious comfort of QuietComfort Ultra Headphones with the power of the AirFly SE transmitter, allowing you to enjoy your content even in places that don’t have Bluetooth® connectivity. Powered by AirFly SE, which features 20 hours of battery life and automatic pairing, this winning combo makes your favorite headphones more unstoppable than ever before.
Spatialized audio
World-class noise cancellation
Quiet Mode engages full noise cancellation so you can focus. Aware Mode feels as if you aren’t wearing headphones at all.
Unrivaled comfort
Customizable listening modes
Modes for any moment
Sound tailored to you
Customize with Bose Music app
Plays up to 24 hours*
QuietComfort Ultra Headphones + AirFly SE Set
$413.99 $463.99

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

box content
What’s in the Box
  • Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones
  • Carry case
  • 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm audio cable
  • USB-C® (A to C) cable (20")
  • Safety sheet
Headphone Fit Around Ear Circumaural
Headband On Head Adjustable
Cushions Removable Cushion
Microphones Built-in Microphone
Noise Cancelling Yes
Noise Control Type Active Noise Cancelling, Echo Reduction, Adjustable Noise Cancelling
Audio cable included Yes
Case Carry
Headphone 7.7" H x 5.5" W x 2.0" D (0.56 lb)
Product Material Plastic, Aluminum, Leather (Protein)
Product Case Material Plastic (Hard)
Ear Cushion Material Protein Leather
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Life 24 hours
Battery Charge Time 3 hours
Charging Accessory included Yes
Charging Interface(s) USB C PORT
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth, A2DP Bluetooth Audio Streaming, HFP Bluetooth, AVRCP Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Version 5.3
Bluetooth Range 30'
Bose App Bose Music App

Bose QuietComfort Headphones are the successors to QuietComfort 45 Headphones. They deliver high-fidelity audio performance and world-class noise cancellation that allow you to hear more of your music and movies — while traveling, at the office, or at home.

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones offer our most premium design and our most advanced technologies, for the best Bose listening experience in a headphone. With QuietComfort Ultra Headphones, you will enjoy our best headphone noise cancellation, audio quality personalized with CustomTune, and voice pickup, among other premium features.

Immersive Audio allows you to hear audio as if it were coming from beyond your QuietComfort Ultra Headphones, thereby allowing for a more spacious, natural listening experience. Your music and other audio will have a wide sound stage in front and to the sides, just as if you were listening to a pair of stereo speakers and seated at the sweet spot between them.

Bose CustomTune technology is a proprietary Bose technology that optimizes the audio playback you hear based on the unique physical properties of your ear and ear canal. It works by playing a specially designed calibration tone as the welcome chime each time you power on the headphones while wearing them. It then measures how the shape of your ear uniquely modifies that sound. The headphones use that information to adjust their sound to your ears, creating a more balanced, authentic audio experience.

Proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure utilizes external ports to vent the earcups and effectively enlarge the acoustic volume, without increasing the size of the earcup. The result is better audio and active noise reduction from a smaller, lighter, more comfortable headphone.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones utilize both active and passive noise reduction technologies. They use a sophisticated proprietary electronics approach for active noise reduction, placing microphones both inside and outside the earcups. The electronics system senses the sound in almost any environment and then measures, compares, and reacts — instant by instant — to produce an opposing cancellation signal. Meanwhile, passive noise reduction is achieved by the combination of earcup fit, design, and clamping force of the headband.

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones have three controls on the right earcup: a Bluetooth/power button at the bottom, a multi-function button in the back, and a capacitive volume strip along the edge. Additionally, the headphones are equipped with on-head/off-head detection, which is another way to control the product.

• The Bluetooth/power button is used to power the headphones on/off, put the headphones in pairing mode, cycle through paired devices, and more.

• The multi-function button supports audio playback (e.g., play/pause/skip), telephony (e.g., answer/decline calls), mode switching (e.g., Quiet, Aware, Immersion), and more.

• Swiping along the volume strip changes volume, and pressing and holding on it activates a user-configurable shortcut.

• Putting the headphones on and taking them off controls wake/sleep/auto-off and resume/pause. Auto-off can be customized in the Bose Music app.

Listening modes are collections of headphones settings that you can name and access with a single action. You can combine the following settings in a mode:

• Noise cancellation level

• Wind Block on/off

• ActiveSense on/off (applicable only in Aware mode)

• Immersive Audio setting

Three modes are provided by default:

• Quiet: noise cancellation set to maximum; all other settings off

• Aware: noise cancellation set to Aware; all other settings off

• Immersion: noise cancellation set to maximum; Immersive Audio set to Motion

With the Bose Music app, you can create your own custom modes as well as switch between modes.

ActiveSense listens for very loud outside sounds and selectively applies noise cancellation briefly during those sounds. This way, you can remain aware of your surroundings without having your music drowned out by interruptions like passing vehicles and loud appliance motor noises such as a coffee grinder or blender. ActiveSense can be enabled and disabled in the Aware mode setting.

Wind Block is a setting you can use when your environment is windy. Wind Block mutes the microphones on the outside of the earcups used for noise cancellation so that gusts of wind do not cause system responses that become noise disturbances in themselves. Note that the exterior microphones used for voice pickup are not muted, so if you’re on a call, the person on the other end will still hear the wind.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones also give you two options when it comes to audio EQ. Do nothing and the bass, midrange, and treble of whatever you’re listening to will be adjusted automatically to make it sound great. Or choose Equalizer in the settings of the Bose Music app to change the audio levels yourself to however you like them best. Either way, you’ll enjoy immersive sound at any volume.

Yes. QuietComfort Ultra Headphones have an adaptive microphone system that allows you to use the headphones during calls when connected to any smartphone. In addition to traditional calls, the headphones will work with many apps that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as Teams, Zoom or FaceTime. The microphone system adapts to your environment to isolate your voice from competing background noises and wind so that you can confidently take a call, knowing you will be heard clearly and naturally. In addition, self-voice allows you to hear yourself naturally, as if you weren’t wearing headphones at all, so you can monitor the volume of your voice and minimize the effects of speaking while wearing headphones.

First, make sure your headphones are turned on with the slider switch in the middle “On” position. Next, slide and hold the switch to the Bluetooth icon until the Bluetooth LED flashes blue or when the voice prompt indicates the headphones have entered into pairing mode. Please note, if this is your first time connecting the headphones, they will automatically turn on into pairing mode. Voice prompts will provide you with additional guidance. We recommend using the Bose Music app to complete the pairing process, however, Bluetooth settings on your device can be used to complete pairing.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones have a range of up to 30 ft (9 meters) from the source device. This range may be reduced by physical obstructions, such as walls and doors, or by interference from other electronic devices. Pops or a cracking noise may be heard if there’s interference with the Bluetooth connection. If that happens, move away from wireless routers or microwaves and bring your headphones closer to the Bluetooth device.

The headphones can be charged using the USB-C cable supplied in the box and plugging into a USB port on a PC, laptop, or wall charger. Allow up to 2 hours for the headphones to fully charge. The battery light indicator will show an amber light while the headphones are charging and turn green when fully charged. When you don’t have time for a full charge, the fast-charge feature provides up to 3 hours of play time from a quick, 15-minute charge.

No. QuietComfort Ultra Headphones feature proprietary Bose active EQ to provide incredible, life-like sound, in conjunction with a personalized listening experience enabled by CustomTune technology. To enable this, the headphones must be powered on during use, including when using the auxiliary audio cable.


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Owner's guide

AirFly SE

AirFly SE tdt
What’s in the Box
  • AirFly SE
  • USB-C to USB-A charging cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

AirFly Bluetooth adapters work with a variety of Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Among these, we have tested Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds, QuietComfort Ultra Headphones, and QuietComfort Earbuds II to ensure compatibility with media playback. Note: AirFly does not support telephony. Learn more about setting up and using AirFly. >

Why buy from Bose

QC Ultra Headphones features

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones
  • Breakthrough spatialized audio for more immersive listening
    A must-have feature for any true music lover, Bose’s revolutionary take on spatialized audio immediately puts you in the center of the listening action, no matter the content or source.  Your music sounds more realistic, taking immersive audio to new heights. 
  • World-class noise cancellation and sound tailored to you
    Proprietary Bose CustomTune technology takes your listening experience to another level by analyzing your ears and adapting the sound and active noise cancellation to their unique shape.
  • Listening modes to match any mood or moment
    QC Ultra Headphones offer three listening modes: Quiet, Aware, and Immersion. Each of these modes can be customized to the situation or your personal preference. You can even create custom modes in the Bose Music app.
  • Premium materials for luxurious comfort
    QuietComfort Ultra Headphones feature an elevated design and luxe materials for unrivaled comfort. Soft ear cushions hug your ears, the headband spreads pressure evenly, and elevated materials like telescoping metal arms make a statement in sophisticated design.

 AirFly SE features

AirFly SE
  • No more cumbersome cords
    Use AirFly SE to wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment, gym equipment, or any 3.5 mm audio jack to your Bose wireless headphones.
  • No Bluetooth? No problem.
    Use AirFly SE where there is no Bluetooth connection available to allow wired speakers/soundbars, rental cars, and boat sound systems to wirelessly receive audio from gaming devices, phones, or tablets.
  • Seamless automatic pairing
    Pairing is easy with AirFly SE’s automatic pairing mode, which starts as soon as you turn it on. Use the on/off switch to conserve battery and the reset button for pairing with different devices.
  • 20 hours of brag-worthy battery
    With 20 hours of battery power, AirFly SE will keep you going through even the longest commercial flight. Just plug AirFly SE into your seat’s headphone jack to listen with your wireless Bose noise cancelling headphones. If you forget to charge before takeoff, you can still use your SE while it’s charging with the included cable.
  • New volume controls
    AirFly SE features new volume controls that let you turn sound up and down without touching the seat back screen. Need to mute for a minute? It takes just two taps to pause your content when the service cart rolls around.

* Testing conducted by Bose in June 2023 using production-representative Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones and a variety of music tracks using A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming at RSSI signal strength of 75dBm. Volume set to playback loudness of 75dB, 3-band EQ set, to zero in Quiet Mode (full noise cancellation). With Immersive Audio off, playback time was up to 24 hours before battery depletion. With Immersive Audio on, playback time was up to 18 hours before battery depletion. Battery life varies based on settings and usage. 

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