Heads up. Hands free. Ears amazed.

Introducing Bose AR

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Our world is filled with so many wonderful things to hear and to see. But we miss so much because we spend so much time looking down, staring at a screen. We know we’re better than this. We need to be better than this. But how can we get what we want from our devices... without constantly looking at them?

Bose AR is a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform

Traditional AR overlays virtual images onto the physical world. Bose AR does the same thing, except with sounds instead of images — and then takes things several steps further. By combining the power of next-gen Bose audio products with innovative mobile apps, Bose AR can create astonishing real-world experiences and fundamentally new ways to travel, exercise, learn, play, and more. So you can go through life heads up, hands free, and ears amazed.

The first Bose AR-enabled products and Bose AR-enhanced apps are now available

We invite you to experience them for yourself. Or join the growing list of incredible creators and innovators we’re working with to make the world a better place with better sound.


Man using AR-enabled Bose Frames

Augmenting your world with sound

Bose is back at SXSW with the world’s first audio augmented reality platform. We’re demoing new Bose AR-enabled wearables, the first Bose AR-enhanced apps, and new tools to code and create. Meet the people behind it all, experience what they’ve built, and join our growing community. From March 9 – 13.

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Smartphone displaying the Bose AR screen

Bose AR-enhanced apps

For iPhone and iPad users with a Bose AR-enabled product, the first step is to open the Bose Connect app and confirm your product’s firmware is up-to-date. After that, you can access a showcase of Bose AR-enhanced apps with links to download them. Note: Bose Connect version 8.0 or later is required. Apps for Android users are in development. Bose AR availability and functionality varies.

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With Bose AR, these apps prove the journey matters more than the destination, and how you get there is more important than when.

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While wearing a Bose AR-enabled product, simply look and tap to hear information about nearby attractions and points of interest, and to get accurate navigation to get you there fast. Coming soon.

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Using landmark-based directions and the power of Bose AR, instead of telling you to turn left in 0.3 miles, Walc might say, "Turn left at the McDonald’s."


These apps channel the power of Bose AR to offer unforgettable experiences by engaging your mind and your body.

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An evil computer is intent on taking over the world. Wearing a Bose AR-enabled product, you’re a secret agent — and the only one who stands in its way. 

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Use your body and your voice to participate in this story of an extraterrestrial arrival — or is it an alien invasion?

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A story told without words and pictures, only sound — with the plot changing based on how you’re moving.


Using Bose AR, these apps keep you moving — while you keep your hands free.

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Wear a Bose AR-enabled product to hear a virtual caddy guide you to your best round of golf on over 45,000 courses worldwide.

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Work out smarter, not harder, with exercises that adapt to how you move. Coming in 2019.


Bose AR-enabled products

Bose AR-enabled products have motion sensors embedded inside that work together with your mobile device. Using information like your location, your head gestures, and the direction you’re looking, Bose AR-enhanced apps create audio experiences in the world around you — while you keep your phone in your pocket.

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AR-enabled Bose Frames Rondo

Bose Frames

AR-enabled QC35 headphones II

QC35 headphones II


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For developers, we’ve released the Bose AR SDK beta version, a lightweight development kit for head-tracking, accelerometer, and compass access in Bose wearable audio products. We also offer getting started guides, FAQs, forums, and additional support, along with conferences, meetups, workshops, and code jams.


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Bose AR Fund

We’ve created the Bose AR Fund to invest in partners that create apps, services, content, or technologies that enhance or extend the Bose AR platform. We aim to support startups of any size or stage. If you’re ready to push today’s boundaries to reach tomorrow’s possibilities, we’d love to hear from you.