A young man dozes in a laundromat. He spots a young woman nearby, sorting her laundry. He’s attracted to her. He wants to approach her. But he seems so unsure of himself. What can he do? The video for “Temporary” intentionally echoes the teenage romantic comedies that Brian Puspos grew up watching as a 1990s kid — bright colors, an upbeat soundtrack, and a story that wears its heart on its sleeve. “I feel like everyone has gone through this,” Brian says. “You’re wondering if someone is ready to take it to the next level. You went on all the dates, you've done all the necessary steps, and still at the end of the day you're like, ‘I don't know how she feels.’”

“I feel like everyone has gone through this.”

Ready for his closeup

The list of things Brian Puspos can do really well is really long. He’s best-known as a choreographer for household names like Justin Bieber and BTS. Meanwhile, the online videos of him dancing to other artist’s songs have piled up millions of views. He also co-owns a clothing line called Vanguard Originals. But lately he’s focused more on his own growing musical career, including making videos based on his own ideas, set to his own music. “Creating things is always on my mind,” Brian says. “So if I’m not thinking about music, then I’m thinking about dance. If I’m not thinking about dance, I’m thinking about clothing. It’s 24/7. Short answer: I dance everywhere I go and I have no shame.”

“I dance everywhere I go and I have no shame.”

Under many influences

It’s not just the movies from his youth that Brian still loves — it’s the music, too. “It goes from NSYNC to Jay-Z,” Brian says. “Every R&B artist in the 90s is responsible for my musical taste.” He also admits to spending a lot of time listening to his own music, paying special attention to the production side of things. “I’m still learning how I want to record. Cutting a song in the studio is different than singing in open air.” Brian describes his own music as a mixture of R&B and pop that’s “honest and vulnerable.” He says, “I don't shy away from expressing my feelings. Whether it's about heartbreak or just being cheesy, I have no problem of putting that into my music.”

“Every R&B artist in the 90s is responsible for my musical taste now.” 

Style for life

“A really good choreographer has a really distinct style,” Brian says. “Just like with rappers — you can tell whose flow is whose. So I'd say it's easy to pinpoint who choreographed what, especially mine. It's kind of intricate, but there's also just plain fun. And I think that combo in itself is like, ‘Oh, that's Brian's work.’” Style means more to him that just a way to categorize his work. “Growing up, being a dancer, I was very misunderstood,” Brian says. “But it's just who I was. And it’s still who I am today. I'm glad I didn't conform or break down and change myself. Because my individual style, I think that's what got me to where I am today.”

“I take inspiration from everything around me. Literally everything.”



With a soundtrack.

Why does Brian Puspos wear Bose Frames?

Two reasons — music to turn up and style to turn heads.


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