Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence, and Justin Fields wearing Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose NFL Draft 2021

Commemorating the moment

There’s an intersection where passion meets focus. A crossroads. A joining point. Where creators do their best work. Where athletes make their best plays. Where you become your best self. At that intersection, you know that when you turn down the distractions of the world, you turn up the passion that drives you.

You not only control the noise — you defeat it — so you can #RuletheQuiet.

NFL prospects Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson #RuletheQuiet on and off the field. They have practiced and trained. Visualized and sacrificed.

It takes time, effort, and dedication to become a professional athlete. And where they come from plays a big part in who they are. That’s why we’ve commissioned 2 talented artists to paint murals of our top 3 Team Bose prospects in their corresponding hometowns.  

Think NFL meets street art. And it’s just the type of renegade artistry you’d hope to see.

Instant replay!

Time-lapse footage of mural updates are now up. Don’t miss a moment — check out how it all went down!

Rising up to the League

For three talented Bose NFL prospects, this year’s draft signifies the culmination of years of hard work.

Trevor Lawrence wearing Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds, featuring the world’s most effective noise cancelling technology

Trevor Lawrence

In the NFL, success is measured by wins and losses. But for Trevor, success is measured by how he leads his life. As he looks back on his time in Cartersville, and looks towards the NFL stage, Trevor knows he will encounter excitement and chaos brought on both by skyrocketing fame and media coverage. The world has been watching. And though no one will be surprised if he is chosen as this year’s #1 pick, that achievement in itself is not what drives him. Trevor’s definition of success does not involve draft results or game-time stats. Instead, he believes that maximizing his potential comes from minimizing the noise of the world. He is a competitor, first, with himself.

Justin Fields

Justin Fields has been on football fan radars since his high school days in his hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia. And as he has continued to make news, his focus remains on getting better in every aspect of the game. But being a playmaker on the turf means a history of making good decisions when it counts. And the best decision a player can make with less than a week to the draft is tune out distractions and tune in to the people they trust. For Fields, that comes easily. He stands at the gateway to the NFL with unmatched dedication and passion. He plays hard, he plays fast — and he never forgets where he’s from.

Justin Fields wearing Bose Sports Earbuds, designed for workouts

Zach Wilson uses Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds to #RuletheQuiet

Zach Wilson

Born in Draper, Utah and having excelled at football close by in college in Provo, Utah, Zach Wilson’s passion for the game is backed by a knowledge of the work it requires. His secret? Studying. Wilson has spent countless hours poring over plays to learn what makes the greats so great. He knew then that making it to the NFL meant hard work — and harder focus. Wilson now enters the draft with years of reels of his own. Spectacular passes and stunning throws pepper his history. And the NFL draft spotlights his future.

Meet the artists

Aljay Fuimaono wearing Bose QuietComfort Earbuds in front of his mural of Zach Wilson

Based in Utah, Aljay Fuimaono — @manusina_art — brings a fresh take on Polynesian fine art. He dove deep into the exploration of textures and acrylics before emerging with a signature use of wood and bark as canvas. His portraiture is heavily influenced by his upbringing. Raised between Samoa and Hawaii, Aljay incorporates rich colors to create striking imagery.

Gus Cutty wearing Bose QuietComfort Earbuds in front of his mural of Trevor Lawrence

Before finding his way to portraiture @cuttywallco — aka Gus — got his start painting through street art and tagging. But that clean summary doesn’t capture the cool artist behind these passion murals. Maybe it’s where he’s from. Or maybe it’s the way he found his way. But the man behind the mural isn’t standing there in a pressed artist’s smock. His years of experience racking and practicing bring him to this penultimate moment.

The big reveal

Passion, perfected! Check out the completed masterpieces and join us as we commemorate the moment.

Lawrence mural: 141 W. Main St, Cartersville, GA

Fields mural: 2740 Summers St, Kennesaw, GA

Wilson mural: 102 N. University Ave, Provo, UT

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